Braised Pork Butt with Onion Gravy

Chef/Owner Lou Ekus

Holy Smokes BBQ,, West Hatfield, MA


  • 1 7-9 pound bone-in pork butt
  • seasoning shake(1 part garlic powder, 1 part ground pepper, 4 parts kosher salt)
  • pure olive oil
  • 3 Large (4οΎ”) white onions
  • 4 cups chicken stock


On the stove top, preheat a Dutch oven large enough to hold the pork butt. Generously season pork butt on all sides with seasoning shake. When the pan is hot, add about 3-4 table spoons of olive oil and sear the butt on all sides. Meanwhile, peel and slice the onions into ¼ inch slices. When well seared on all sides, remove the butt and set aside. Add the sliced onions to the hot Dutch oven and saute until just starting to brown. Place the butt back in the Dutch oven directly on op of the sauteed onions. Add enough chicken stock to cover about ½ of the butt. Cover tightly and place in a 225 degree oven for 5-6 hours.

When cooking time is finished, remove the pan from the oven leave covered and let rest for ½ hour to a full hour. The resting time is important as the meat will absorb the juices as it begins to cool.

After the resting time, uncover and remove the butt from the Dutch oven. It will be falling apart so you may need to do this in several pieces. Set the meat aside on a dish and put the Dutch oven over a low flame on the stove. Blend all of the remaining contents of the Dutch oven very well with an immersion blender or in a conventional blender (you can skim some of the fat off before doing this if you would like). For a thicker gravy, cook a little longer on the stove top.

Clean the meat by removing the bone and as much fat and membrane as possible. Slice into very thick (3/4 inch) slices. Cover with the blended onion gravy.


Recommended wine/beer for Braised Pork Butt with Onion Gravy:

Karlsmuhle 2003 Kaseler Nies'Chen Riesling Kabinett