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With the same masterful storytelling that made Under Quabbin one of the most-talked about local productions in WGBY history, filmmaker Ed Klekowski returns to chronicle the flood that devastated 12 states, including most of New England in 1936.

It was the greatest disaster ever recorded along the Connecticut River, making 430,000 people homeless and leaving over $500 million worth of damage in its path. (In today’s dollars, the cost would have been over 6.5 billion!)

Klekowski has gathered a wealth of never-before-seen footage to create this priceless record.
View an online photo gallery for a better look at some amazing images.

Watch extra video not in the program!
Stella Rogers from West Springfield was an eyewitness, and wrote about what she saw when she was a girl during the 1936 flood.
Video clip #1: Quicktime, approx. 1min: file size 2mb

Download the song "Big River Blues" by Brooks Williams, heard in the closing credits (MP3 format).

If you'd like to learn more about the biology, geology and history of the Connecticut River, Prof. Klekowski will be offering an online course through UMass Amherst.

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